What We Offer

Oil & Gas Services

Our services cover exploration, production and transportation, prior to refining in the upstream sector and inspection with rope access service in the downstream sector. We help provide safety, reliability abd performance of assets, people, systems and processes across the upstream areas of exploration, production and transportation.

Our services in this sector cover applications such as
> > Fixed offshore platforms
> > Pipelines (onshore and offshore)
> > Semi - submersibles / drill ships / jack-ups / heavy lift vessels
> > Turret and mooring systems and loading arms
> > Underwater systems

Our clients are typically managing large scale, valuable assets where the cost of mistakes can be very high, both financially and in terms of the impact on local communities and the environment. Organisations need advice and support they can trust. Dark Orchid Engineering's reputation is built on years of protecting life, property and environment.

Marine & Maritime Services

Dark Orchid marine and maritime services comprise africa and europe leading maritime services network, with the capability to serve 10 ports in 3 countries. Its focus to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet, FPSOs and drilling rigs with Head Quarters in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and Aberdeen, Scotland. A hotline service is included in the offer.

Environmental Services & Operations

Dark Orchid experts develop sustainable solutions while mitgating risk to tough environmental challenges around Nigeria and Africa. The environment is one of the most common discussion topics around the world leaders, and for a good reason, it affects the entire planet. Although scientists and government officials may have different views on the issue, there is no debate about the need for sensible and sustainable solutions. Dark Orchid plays a global leadership role in solving complex problems with smart solutions foe clients allover Africa. we do it through a wide range of environmental consulting services to meet specific client and community needs. To our clients, our envitromnetal service work means quality performance and rduced risk. In other words, they know they have made a smart business decision. To the communities that our clients serve, it means peace of mind in knowing that they are doing their best for future generations.